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Easy as doh-ray-me

The steps below guide you through rates, availability, consent forms, and much more.
Please go through the various simple steps for answers to all the questions you may have.

STep 1   | Rates etc


Check the rates and pickup/drop off times etc, those can be seen by clicking here or from the Rates menu option.


If you're ok with our rates and pickup/collection times etc the next thing to do is...


Please note we do not allow drop off or collection on Sundays.


STEp 2 | REquirements - what we need


Check out the  Requirements page , found under the INFO menu option. We try to keep things really relaxed but do require by law vaccination records for example and all of that information can be found on that page.

You will also be able to see dogs we can not take and much more which includes unneutered males over 1 year old and why etc.


If all the requirements are ok with you, the next thing to do is..

STEp 3 | Contact us, have a chat


Reach out for a quick chat, let us know dates and so forth. Our phone number, and contact form etc are all on the website under "Contact" link from main menu and can be found on the bottom of every page on the site.  We may not be able to answer immediately but we will get back to you same day.


Once we've had a quick text or voice chat, the next thing to do is...

STEp 4 | The Meet and greet (Compulsory)


Bring your dog around for a play time / meet and greet whenever it's convenient. This will last a minimum of 30 minutes but may take up to 1 hour.  Please ensure you are here on time. We will be organizing our family, home and other dogs around your visit. If you do not turn up without letting us know we will not agree to another another meet and greet.

Please also ensure you have a full 1 hour. This process can not be rushed. Dogs need time to feel comfortable, if we are not given enough time to judge a dog, we will have to decline them staying with us unduly. Note, this must happen for all clients on their first booking.  From your end you can then see how they will get to live with us in a true home from home with love and walks etc in a lovely environment. From our perspective we can be sure they get on with our dogs and family and are happy here. 

Important. Please note we have boarded a large number of dogs and know what dogs gel together. We truly are a home from home and the dogs live under our feet all day with us , our children and our dogs.   We have to have harmony for our sakes and all our guest dogs. We understand ALL dogs can have a mad initial meeting , they are excited, in a new environment with new friends - that does not bother us and will calm down relatively quickly once they feel safe and secure. What we can not deal with is openly aggressive dogs or dogs that simply can't get on at all with other humans or dogs.

The process is carried out in stages with your dog in our home finding their way around , settling in before they meet our dogs which is also done 1 by 1. Our dogs Merlin and Wanda have proven to be a very good barometer for whether guest dogs will get on with other dogs. We trust their judgement :-)

If you're happy on the meet and greet and want us to confirm your booking on the calendar , the next thing to do is....

STEp 5 | Fill in the consent form

Please fill in the  consent form as soon as possible.  It's where we get to learn their likes/dislikes and you upload vaccination records etc.  Please note we know it is long, this is not of our doing but to comply with a large number of legal requirements for our licence. Sorry in advance.Click Here to Access and Complete  the  consent form.


STEp 6 | Payment

Payment. If your dog is staying over one night with us then a 50% non refundable deposit is required 14 days before you drop your dog off with the remainder paid in full when you drop off. 


You can make the payment in cash or via bank transfer. 


Then as soon as you can once you get home, it's time for ...

STEp 7 | Drop your dog(s) off with us.

Bring your dog around when it's time for their holiday.


We create an online photo album  from the moment they arrive and update it throughout their stay with videos and pics. You can access it from a simple web link on your computer, desktop or phone  and watch their progress,  so you will never feel totally separated from your best boy or girl at any time. You can also interact with us and discuss and we often have fun discussions with our guests owners while you are away .


We can also fit your dog  with a GPS location tracker.  It provides us with peace of mind your dog can never manage to run off distracted and get lost chasing a darn squirrel etc.  You can also access this info from a special link we will provide you.


STEp 8 | Make final payment

Before you leave, make any final payments or the entire payment if you were not required to make the 50% deposit. We can take bank transfer or cash. Bank transfers need to clear prior to dropping your dog(s) off.


STEp 9 | Go enjoy your time away - we got this


Relax and know your best boy or best girl will never be lacking in attention.  No dog is EVER left alone, and always have human and  dog company. They enjoy all the home comforts they are used to. We will do everything possible to make sure they are loved and treated as closely as possible to how they are in their own home. Nothing is as perfect as you being with them 24/7 but we sure as heck go out of our way to make sure it's the most loving, hands on, no expense spared second best alternative out there.



If you love what we do please leave us a review on our Facebook page and Google pages. We really appreciate it. 

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