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Hi.  If you're considering Hounds on Holidays, please do read all the information on this page.  


We no longer accept any MALE dogs unless they are neutered or had the chemical castration yearly injection.


We No longer accept dogs over 30 kg male or female.

We tried to accommodate un-neutered but it has caused too many problems to continue.


If you do not want to have your dog undergo the castration operation, we do recommend looking at the chemical castration injection which lasts 1 year and is not permanent. 

Girls can not under any circumstances stay with us when in season, sorry. If your dog comes into season when staying with us they will have to be either isolated at a fee of £50 a day additional to their sitting fee or we can contact your emergency contact to come and collect them. Please be aware of this.

Vaccinations & worming, fleas etc

Dogs must be micro-chipped please.  ​Owners must provide evidence of up to date vaccination records.  Phone camera shot or physical record. A vaccination record is needed to adhere to the Animal Welfare Regulations Act 2018. Dates of last flea and worming treatment also compulsory. This must be uploaded on your consent form if your dog is a match after our meet and greet.

Dogs must be micro-chipped please. 


Vet's and insurance

While we hope this should never happen, if your dog shows signs of illness and you're not contactable or unable to return to collect your dog it is our duty to ensure the highest level of care and that may mean a vet being involved.  That means, whether you have pet insurance or not, you the owner are liable for ANY AND ALL costs incurred for that veterinary treatment. You will be asked to sign an agreement form before your dog is allowed to stay with us to confirm that you approve us to do so. 

Please bring a  secure collar with name tag loop

Please make sure your dog has a secure good quality collar they can't escape from. Ideally with a tag loop.  This ensures we can keep them as safe and secure as possible.  While they stay with us, they will also have a special Hounds on Holidays tag added to their collar which will provide secondary contact information to your own.

Your dog needs to be a good boy/girl

We don't need your dog to be an angel. Some "ruff-housing" between dogs is 100% fine and they love it, it's natural even if it can sound like they are killing each other at times but as long as both tails are wagging, it's not a problem.  But clearly aggressive, biting or snarling or any behaviour of that nature will not be tolerated. Your emergency contact must be in place should your dog attack another dog etc you will have to collect your dog immediately. 

Cancellation  Policy AND Payment 

Payment is made when you drop off your dog for short stays and for long stays we require 50% deposit 14 days in advance and the remainder paid in cash on drop off or the night before by bank transfer.  We can currently accept cash, Paypal or bank transfer. If your dogs necessary booster and kennel vaccinations (as outlined above) are out of date, or you arrive without first providing proof of vaccination, Hounds on Holidays will not be able to care for your dog due to licencing restrictions on unvaccinated dogs.It is the law. It is the clients responsibility to make sure they are aware of these terms and conditions prior to booking. We do not provide refunds if you fail to adhere to this as your dog has taken the space of a paying customer. 


If your dog becomes ill or shows symptoms that cause concern whilst in our care , you understand that your dog will need to be isolated from the other dogs in my care for their own safety. In the first instance I would call you to inform you of the situation, I will also contact your vet and if necessary make an appointment for an assessment with them. Should you not be contactable and where necessary I would contact your emergency person named on your paperwork.

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