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Dog Kennels In Hereford

In the market for dog kennels in Hereford? Kennels offer convenience for owners while they're away but may not be the best solution for many dogs who don't find the environment suitable. At Hounds on Holidays we do it a bit differently with dogs under our care living in our home as our own while your away enjoying all the same home from home comforts they do in your own home.

However if you are fixed on dog kennels and your dog is happy there then they can represent a useful solution as they are often separated from other dogs for most of the day. Whatever you do, It's important to read reviews and ask friends, family members, and neighbors for recommendations before choosing a dog kennels. If you and your dog are ok with dog kennels, then Hereford has some great ones who do their very best to look after your dog.

Why Dog Kennels?

Nobody wants to leave their dog but there are instances when you just don’t have an alternative. Like when you are going out for some work, attending a wedding, going to a meeting, or traveling to a different location.

There are many factors that come to the mind of a dog parent. You might be concerned if your dog will feel comfortable if they are sent to the kennel for a few days. So many folks opt to send their dogs to a friends or family. However for many people that just isn't an option and that's where we come in . We bring your dog to our home and they live with us, sleep on the sofa with our dogs, go for walks , swim and play with our dogs and sleep and live in our home with us.

While kennels are absolutely fine for some dogs, many are very unhappy for many hours of the day when they are locked up. Not all dogs can adapt to the environment of a kennel. Even the best kennels , however well meaning and well run and many in Hereford do their very best but bottom line, kennels lack a homely feeling. These are some problems that every dog parent goes through, which is why we have started our services to give a home from home attention as a viable and cost effective alternative to dog kennels in Hereford.

DOG Sitting Hereford.

With us, your dog will feel loved and protected with us even when you are away. Hounds on Holidays is a Hereford Dog Sitting service, and a small family run business comprised of people who love dogs a lot. in fact we could genuinely say dogs are are life and we live our lives around our dogs. That make our solution more viable than dog kennels for those dogs that really crave human contact and the luxuries of just being part of a family. Our entire aim is to make the dog feel at home, away from home.

The benefit of our pet sitters service is that your dog will get attention from everyone and will live with our family as a part of their own. We never have more than 2 dogs at one time unless from the same family and we ensure that your dog plays around and enjoys activities like playing throw and fetch, running around, swimming, etc all day every day.

We have two dogs, Merlin and Wanda, already staying at my place. Both of them are extremely friendly and loving, and they make the stay of other dogs extremely comfortable. It can be hard for dogs to stay away from their owner, but we all collectively ensure that the dog feels at home with us.


Every dog is different from the rest, and therefore, we set up a meeting beforehand to meet you and get to know everything about your dog. We will need to know their health condition, allergies (if any), food habits, lifestyle, etc. While staying with us, your dog will have the liberty to wander around the entire house and be at ease. Usually, I take my dogs on a walk twice a day, but for your dog, it will depend on the lifestyle pattern and other factors. There are times when we take the dogs for a little adventure nearby as there are rivers and other fun activities around the house.


You can leave your dog with us without any worry. We take care of all the dogs like our own, but the only thing you need to be sure about is that the dogs must be vaccinated and have been treated for fleas/ worms (if any).

Your dog will have the best experience while you are away and if you've not found kennels suitable then our hereford dog sitting service maybe just want you need. Just click on the "how it works" link at the top for more information.

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