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 If kennels aren't a fit for you or your dog - We understand.
With HoH, whether it's a few hours or a couple of weeks all our doggo friends get a true home from home luxury dog sitting experience. They sleep on the sofa with our dogs, go for walks with our dogs, get loved and fussed all day with our dogs.
It's just like going on holiday...for your hound
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About Me


Licence Reg HOB867
Emma Harrison/Simon Harrison

Hello, I am Emma from Hounds on Holidays. We offer a true  home from home luxury dog sitting service in Hereford.  Our guest dogs are treated just like one of our own furry family. Given all the love and personal attention our own dogs are. Living in our home with us, sleeping on sofas, being fussed and cuddled to bits and running about our large secured garden as well as going for proper walks in the countryside.


With over 50 years experience caring for dogs between Simon and I , we are confident we can offer your best friend a luxury holiday experience and give them a loved, safe and fun filled time while you're unable to be with them. We are fully insured and licenced with a 4 star rating, the highest rated home dog sitting service in Hereford city.

There is always at least 1 human home and often 3 or more and they get to play with our 2 dogs so it's great for dog association skills if they lack them. We are fully protected with CCTV inside and outside the house recording 24/7. Your dogs are NEVER left alone and always have somebody to play with.

If you want to just get started super quickly then rates, consent forms,  vaccination requirements etc, can be found here or choose "Start Here" from the main menu. Or for more about us  read on.

A little bit about me... My love of animals has been with me from a young age. I grew up with an English Springer Spaniel Rusty and a crazy terrier Sam . I rode horses as a teenager and still love horses but dogs are my passion.


As a family, Simon my husband and our two daughters  owned Harry from a puppy to 16 years old, he was incredibly loved and got me into running (my kind of meditation) which led to completing two marathons.


When Harry passed at 16 years old,  the gap he left was too much for our hearts to bare and six months later we got Merlin (wizard theme here !) another mad Springer. Then last year along came Wanda ( Marvel’s Scarlet Witch), she is a red Working Cocker Spaniel.


So our canine family consists of two energetic, cuddly spaniels who are always keen to meet new friends - staying over for a few hours for day care, a night or for a full holiday. 

I am certified in both pet first aid and dog sitting as well as Ofqual level 3 in canine care and behaviour. I hold a full DBS check for my role in the education sector and we have complete pet liability insurance via Protectivity Insurance.   For how everything works with us and what to do next  please read the "start here" page.. It has a simple 1-2-3 step process including all the information you need.

Drop me a line with any questions. All contact details are at the bottom of the page. I may not be able to reply immediately but it won't be more than a few hours.


Thanks  X 


WhY us ?

Maybe you're off to a wedding, at work all day or planning a holiday, whatever the reason, we know where your best friend goes is a major decision. We also know from personal experience,  even if well meaning,  traditional boarding kennels don’t suit all dogs, and definitely cannot give the home from home  attention that we do.  With us, your pup or dog can still feel loved and fussed  while your away.


Your dog will live with us as one of our own and do all the doggie things Merlin and Wanda do. From swimming, walkies, playing fetch, sleeping wherever they want, being hugged and stroked to bits, charging about the garden, sunbathing on the garden furniture,  sofa surfing and crazy hour of course !


Our priority is making sure your dog is happy. Being away from owners can initially be hard for some dogs and we're really aware of that , we get it. If they need lots of love to assure them they are safe , we're happy to oblige,  however, most just immediately play with Merlin and Wanda and forget their worries. Our dogs are full of love for everybody and every dog they meet and enjoy the company. 


We  make sure we are well prepared to make sure they are looked after properly and they are NEVER left in the house on their own, there is always at least one of us in the home at all times. So our service is a real home from home alternative to traditional boarding kennels,  your dog will have the freedom of our house, companionship of our family and generally just chill and have fun like all dogs deserve.


I walk Merls and Wanda twice a day and these walks' can be tailored to your dogs needs. We live in Hereford with walks to the River Lugg on our doorstep or a short trip in the car for more adventures. I don't charge for walking your dog, it's all part of the dog holiday service. 


I'm happy to give the relevant medications and ensure they eat in isolation to adhere to a specific diet etc.  If you have special requirements please ensure you add that on the client / pet form agreement when you attend the meet and greet. 


All we ask is that your dog  has had the relevant vaccinations and been treated for fleas and worms. Please note for obvious reasons we can't accept aggressive dogs of any kind, sorry. 

Thank you Emma x

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